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These statistics are provided by  These figures are not 100% accurate and should be used for trending purposes only.  Please contact the individual website administrators for more accurate analytics.  New additions since the original release of this list are highlighted in yellow.  If you know of a website that qualifies for this list please send the url to

  • benleis

    If your site had a significant increase in visitors over the prior month please let us know why. Maybe it was increased advertising around campus? A major event that was covered? A site redesign?

  • Name

    Just going to guess Yale's spike had something to do with the Annie Le murder. Also, some campuses don't start class until September (ie: Wisconsin), hence a big spike from August to September

  • Emilee Stewart

    I've noticed that Louisiana State is on there… I've been researching that school on I'm trying to see which universities have really good communications departments.

  • Davis Shaver

    I was shocked when I saw us on that list… so cool. Our first birthday is next month and I can think of no better present than this inclusion.

    There have been a variety of reasons for the jump in our overall traffic. We released a new site design when we got back to school, started an advertising campaign on campus, expanded our editorial staff and refined our editorial structure, and covered a major story about the death of a Penn State student. We've also stepped up our Facebook presence, and our Twitter account continues to be the one of the most engaged within the Penn State Twittersphere.

  • benleis

    Yes I believe that is absolutely correct with respect to the I think that the 696% increase over the previous month is most likely due to coverage of the G-20 summit and the reason behind the 432% increase of is detailed below by their editor Davis Shaver.

  • Andrew Stanfill

    I'm with the Independent Florida Alligator. These numbers are rather off for us, so I'm wondering where the rest of the numbers lie in accuracy. It has the Alligator at 25,800 visitors for Aug. when the site really had 53,800 unique visitors and 43,400 for Sept. when the site had 110,400 for Sept. and 28,500 for Sept. 2008 when the site really had 76,900.

  • Chris

    Great to see we're on the list. Thanks TCB for posting this!

  • ashlee3535

    @emilee — what's acceptedge? I'm gonna have to check it out…thanks!

  • Emilee2

    Since emilee is spamming Acceptedge, I'm spamming back with , , and . There, now you have more sites to choose from, kids!

  • Nnamdi Iregbulem

    Nice to see Yale ranking high up there! Being completely objective though, I still think the YDN has one of the best looking college newspaper websites.

  • Chris

    I wonder if you'll update this! Thanks for your work—Chris

  • benleis

    Thanks for your comment Chris. We are trying hard to update this list and reaching out to all of the publications directly to report their own internal statistics so that we can compile a more accurate depiction of a top 50 list. Unfortunately, the response rate has been low. We are doing what we can and are eagerly anticipating the new list. Thanks for checking up.

  • Twin XL

    Wow….pretty impressed by Penn State's numbers :)

  • Twin XL

    Wow….pretty impressed by Penn State's numbers :)

  • sherman

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  • Cimarroncowgirl

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  • Sagooretted

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