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SAN FRANCISCO, CA- UC Berkeley graduates and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brothers Patrick Allen and Jordan Pease founded WebGreek in 2009, to help fraternities and sororities manage their operations and enhance their web presence.  The platform was completed in March 2010, launched in July 2010, and as of February 2010, has gained over 10,000 users on 200 college campuses (see list and map), will be publishing over 225 local Greek chapter websites, and signed contracts with both Alpha Tau Omega and Alpha Sigma Phi national fraternities to service their over 9,500 combined members.  (Click the image below to watch a one minute tour video.)

With WebGreek’s Chapter Clouds platform, fraternities and sororities can send mass texts, share files and media, pinpoint calendar reminders to the right members, and edit a chapter website without any coding or programming knowledge.  Since launching, WebGreek has also integrated a polling application, as well as the group payment service WePay, to allow members to send and pay bills, sell tickets to events through Facebook and Twitter, and collect donations online. An iPhone app is due to be released in the next month. 
“We started WebGreek because as undergrads, we saw firsthand how inefficiently most chapters were being run.  We wasted so much time in meetings, got so much list serve spam, and officers had a terrible time tracking down member dues,” says CEO Patrick Allen.  “Since launching WebGreek, we’ve seen exactly how eager chapters are to adopt a single technology solution for all their administrative business.”

 WebGreek Chapter Dashboard

“WebGreek has saved us so much time in meetings, we don’t know what we’d do without it.  Plus, we’ve already used the WePay app to sell over $2,000 worth of tickets in 2 days for a philanthropy event,” said Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Tom Johnson.

About WebGreek

WebGreek provides private chapter management tools for fraternities and sororities.  With online file storage, dues collection, the ability to sell tickets online, mass group texts, and fraternity and sorority websites, WebGreek is the web’s best online technology partner for Greek organizations on college campuses.  WebGreek is located in San Francisco, California.  Visit for more information.

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Six months after launching, WebGreek has carved out a large foothold in the fraternity and sorority (Greek) market.  Started by Greeks in San Francisco, CA, WebGreek provides websites and chapter management tools for Greek chapters.

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