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50 Most Visited College Media Websites 1131 Clicks
5 Ideas To Consider When Choosing A College Or Major – 445 Clicks
TRY IT: College Media Search Engine Indexes College Media Sites 268 Clicks
List of 6 Cool Jobs for Weird Majors via @USNews 223 Clicks
118 Ways to Save Money in College: 200 Clicks
Top 10 Worse Reasons for Choosing a College 180 Clicks
Top 9 Best Cities for College Grads via @gradspotguru 169 Clicks
9 College Media Search Engines by Athletic Conference 167 Clicks
10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media 163 Clicks
Take a Look at a Slideshow of America’s Coolest College Towns 161 Clicks


Six Emerging Technologies That Will Impact College Campuses 73 Clicks
Colleges Check Social Networking Sites 26 Clicks
Student Faces $675K Fine Blames Record Labels for Illegal Downloads 24 Clicks
5 Things You Need to Give up to Get A Job | via @MonsterCollege 23 Clicks
Surviving Valentine’s Day In College 20 Clicks
5 Higher Education Tech Trends To Watch for in 2010 via 20 Clicks
How to Network Without Being Phony, Lame or Desperate 20 Clicks
Top 2 Internship Sites Recommended by Career Services Offices 20 Clicks
How to Correct a FAFSA Error – via @CBSMoneyWatch 19 Clicks
Could a New iPhone App Help Treat Students’ Acne? 19 Clicks


20 Facts About Today’s College Freshmen 51 Clicks
6 Ways to Manage and Save Money While in College 28 Clicks
100 Best Companies to Work For In 2010 via @FortuneMagazine 23 Clicks
8 Ways to Raise College Money – via @USNews 21 Clicks
How Much More Will You Earn with a College Degree? 21 Clicks
How to Survive being Sexiled by Your College Roommate v 20 Clicks
tudent Athletes Taught to Prevent Social Networking Embarrassment 19 Clicks
11 Financial Aid Trends in 2010 – via @USNews 19 Clicks
College President Stays in Dorm Where Racial Threat Was Posted 18 Clicks
6 Reasons to File the FAFSA 16 Clicks


The 50 Best Careers of 2010 via @USNews 102 Clicks
ACU Plans to Publish First Student Newspaper on Apple’s iPad 86 Clicks
Pioneering Mobile Learning: Apple and Abilene Christian University 63 Clicks
Top 50 Online Job Hunt Tools for Recent Graduates via @newgradlife 43 Clicks
8 Dumb Interview Mistakes New Grads Make via @newgradlife 41 Clicks
Twitter, Facebook Could Affect Your Student Loan 37 Clicks
5 Dorm Design Tips For Close Quarter Living via @thecollegeguide 29 Clicks
New College Tax Credit from the Federal Government 27 Clicks
100 Best Value Colleges 2010 27 Clicks
5 Ideas To Consider When Choosing A College Or Major – 26 Clicks


5 Ways to Get Better Grades in College in 5 Minutes or Less a Day 87 Clicks
Inside the Nation’s 8 Coolest Dorms via @USNews 52 Clicks
Who Hires the Most College Grads? via @campusgrotto 47 Clicks
10 Reasons to Love Your Cubicle at Work via @jenny_blake 41 Clicks
Our 10 Most Popular College News Stories from Week of Jan 11th 41 Clicks
4 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing a College Major 40 Clicks
Colleges’ Common Data Sets Help Find Money via @CollegeBlogs 34 Clicks
Guy Answers Girls’ Qs: When To Have Sex, What Freaks Him Out 31 Clicks
Pay Stagnates for Many Public-University Presidents via @Chronicle 31 Clicks
9 FAFSA Mistakes And How To Avoid Them via @collegeblogs 30 Clicks


How the Top 100 Colleges & Universities are Using Twitter 68 Clicks
13 LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Avoid via @newgradlife 65 Clicks
10 Best College Movies -via @Unigo 63 Clicks
5 Ways to Negotiate Better Financial Aid | via @CollegeBlogs 57 Clicks
8 Tips to Get Rid of Holiday Weight Gain – via @iusbpreface 49 Clicks
9 Tips to Become a Better Roommate via @thecollegeguide 47 Clicks
Universities Must Take Responsibility for Student Drinking via @BlogHer 47 Clicks
3 Reasons to Apply for Financial Aid | via @CollegeBlogs 47 Clicks
5 Most Employable Majors: Concentrations That Will Land You a Job 47 Clicks
Better Grades Can Cut College Costs | via @CollegeBlogs 47 Clicks


List of 100 Best Professors Who Blog 122 Clicks
Are They Students? Or ‘Customers’? – via @NYTimes 93 Clicks
The Next Hot Youth-Magnet Cities –via @wsj 70 Clicks
10 Best and Worst Cities To Find Employment via @heatherhuhman 62 Clicks
6 Tips to Boost Financial Aid via @WSJ 57 Clicks
Decline of English Dept: How it Happened and What Can Be Done 55 Clicks
Convert Scores: ACT To SAT – 52 Clicks
Getting To Know Yourself, The Key To Choosing A College – 51 Clicks
Funny: Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their Kids 49 Clicks
How to Teach with Google Wave via @Chronicle 48 Clicks


8 Time Management Skills for College Students via @collegelifeinfo 77 Clicks
Blackboard, Desire2Learn End Three-and-a-Half Year Patent Dispute 59 Clicks
Tech Spending Among College Students at All-Time High of $6.5 Billion 58 Clicks
Notre Dame Isn’t Interested in Joining Big Ten — via @chicagotribune 56 Clicks
10 College Urban Legends via @campusgrotto 54 Clicks
More Students with Complex Mental-Health Diseases 52 Clicks
5 Best Jobs That Offer Student Loan Forgiveness 47 Clicks
10 Technology Must-Haves for College – via @USNews 44 Clicks
Facebook, Twitter changing the recruitment trends in colleges | 44 Clicks
Role of Pretty Young Women in Recruiting Athletes Under Scrutiny 44 Clicks


Student Banned from University After Facebook Posts 118 Clicks
List Of The Top Public Universities – 70 Clicks
Why Students Fail to Finish College – via @NYTimes 62 Clicks
College Student Files Suit Over Lack of Non-Coed Bathrooms 62 Clicks
19 Colleges Suspected Of Gender Bias via – 60 Clicks
10 New Year’s Resolution’s for College Students 45 Clicks
Top 10 Colleges by Total Title IV Student Aid 45 Clicks
Free Website Helps Harvard Students Cut Class via @Chronicle 43 Clicks
Economy Accounts for Increased Number of Cadavers to Med Schools 43 Clicks


Casual sex – and no emotional wreckage? Study by University of MN 92 Clicks
10 Qualities Of Successful Students – 60 Clicks
5 Ways for Young Women to Stay Smart on New Year’s Eve 57 Clicks
Things Change: Returning Home as a College Freshman via @thedaily 53 Clicks
5 Tips For Parents To Help With College Application Essays – 50 Clicks
4 Things You Should Know About Community College – 47 Clicks
28 Great Amazon Gifts For College Students 46 Clicks
5 Low-Stress Study Tips for College Finals Season 45 Clicks
Understanding The Weight A Good GPA Can Carry – 44 Clicks
SAT Panic: Calm Down With Real Facts – 44 Clicks


5 Ideas To Consider When Choosing A College Or Major – 387 Clicks
9 College Media Search Engines by Athletic Conference 131 Clicks
Dirty Secrets of College Admissions – 86 Clicks
Twitter List of Over 300 College Media Profiles 63 Clicks
Job Prospects for 2009 and 2013 College Grads via @NPR 49 Clicks
List of 10 Great Gifts for Your College Girlfriend or Boyfriend 47 Clicks
Best Cities for Young Professionals & Graduates via @OneCubicle 46 Clicks
5 Higher Ed Tech Trends To Watch in 2010 -via @campus_tech 45 Clicks
Harvard Sued Over Student’s Suicide 44 Clicks
Find Cheap Travel for Students on this New Website via @StudentUniverse 41 Clicks


Colleges are Graded on Best Nightlife via@collegeprowler 83 Clicks
Judges Say Man Can’t Become Lawyer Due to Too Much Student Debt 62 Clicks
12 Intriguing But Rare College Classes via @mental_floss 56 Clicks
10 Ways Journalism Schools are Teaching Social Media 55 Clicks
12 Coincidental Celebrity Roommate Combinations via @mental_floss 54 Clicks
11 Classroom Skills You Need for a Career via @usnews 46 Clicks
7 Dos & Don’ts for Job Seekers via @brandyourself 44 Clicks
Getting the most from financial aid – 44 Clicks
8 Intriguing College Scholarships via @mental_floss 43 Clicks
5 Best Financial Decisions For College Students – via @Forbes 42 Clicks


Why You Should Be an Entrepreneur in College via @Under30CEO 58 Clicks
10 Tips for Students & Grads to Fix Their Résumé Now 50 Clicks
32 Americans Are Named Rhodes Scholars for 2010 -via @Chronicle 32 Clicks
11 Unusual Majors via @mental_floss 32 Clicks
6 Ways Anyone Can Get Scholarships For College 30 Clicks
10 Steps to Considering Graduate School via @USNews 30 Clicks
Top 10 In-Demand Degrees and What They Pay via @youngmoney 30 Clicks
10 Sources That Help Pay for College 30 Clicks
University Demands Students to “Lose Weight or You Won’t Graduate” 28 Clicks
6 Things to Do Before Graduating via @careerealism 28 Clicks


Take a Look at a Slideshow of America’s Coolest College Towns 147 Clicks
University Sues Student Blogger via @iheinsider 53 Clicks
The 10 Best College Presidents – via @TIME 49 Clicks
Univ Requires Students to Step on Scale, Pass BMI Before Graduation 40 Clicks
Top 15 Best & Worst Places for Job Seekers via@SimplyHired 38 Clicks
3 Ideas to Help You Decide a College Major 38 Clicks
5 Must-Have Skills for Entry-Level Job Seekers via @heatherhuhman 35 Clicks
7 Ways to Get Dollars for College | via @Freep 30 Clicks
Job Market Appears Not Promising for 2010 Grads via @CNNMoney 27 Clicks


13 Things Students Love to Hate About College via @USNews 67 Clicks
How the Top 100 Colleges & Universities are Using Twitter – U&C 55 Clicks
Top 7 iPhone Apps for College Students via @FindCollegeCard 44 Clicks
Survey Changes How Colleges Judge Success, Weakness 41 Clicks
2009 Grads with Internships Have 64% More Chance of Landing Jobs 36 Clicks
College Admissions Counselors Poking Around On Facebook – 31 Clicks
40% of College Students Remain “Unfinished” via @NYTimes 31 Clicks
Are Too Many Students Going to College? via @Chronicle 30 Clicks
A New ‘Gap’ In Education – 29 Clicks
List of 4 Types of Companies Offering Student Discounts via @USNews 29 Clicks


List of 6 Cool Jobs for Weird Majors via @USNews 169 Clicks
Top 10 Worse Reasons for Choosing a College 66 Clicks
139 Colleges Ranked in Sexual Health Report Card 64 Clicks
Top 10 “Coolest” Schools for Going Green via @Sierra_Magazine 61 Clicks
8 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for Your Career 50 Clicks
Google takes another step towards campus integration. Via @chronicle 46 Clicks
Top 10 College Deans to Follow on Twitter – 41 Clicks
List of Top 10 Majors in College via @ThePrincetonRev 40 Clicks
31 Ways You Can Make Extra Money In College via @moneysmart 38 Clicks
10 Truly Free Colleges – 38 Clicks


Emerging Majors And How To Find Them – 79 Clicks
Top 75 College Admissions Blogs – 67 Clicks
List of Top 10 Halloween Costumes for College Students via @Helium 34 Clicks
Social Media Increases Student-College Connections 28 Clicks
List of 10 Best College Dorms via @nextstudent 26 Clicks
Students Now More Willing to Share the Cost of College 26 Clicks
50 Most Visited College Media Websites 23 Clicks
Tips for Getting Along with Your College Roomate via 22 Clicks
College Enrollment Set Record in 2008, Study Says via @NYTimes 22 Clicks
7 Networking Tips for Gen Y Job Seekers via @modite 21 Clicks


50 Most Visited College Media Websites 118 Clicks
Which Student Gets the Most College Financial Aid? – via @usnews 112 Clicks
Hollywood Hits Campus: 100 Colleges Where Movies Were Made 100 Clicks
Top 9 Best Cities for College Grads via @gradspotguru 87 Clicks
15 Professor’s Secrets To Getting Good Grades via @USNews 84 Clicks
105 Universities with the Happiest Students via @insidecollege 81 Clicks
5 Worst Ever Jobs for College Students via @snagajob 61 Clicks
Top 10 Haunted Campuses in the U.S via @YPulse 54 Clicks
Find Yourself So You Can Find The Right College via @Newsweek 49 Clicks
Oaksterdam U? How Oakland Is Leading Marijuana Legalization 44 Clicks


50 Most Visited College Media Websites 870 Clicks
Working Students Have a Lower GPA: Fact or Fiction? 52 Clicks
Top 9 Best Cities for College Grads via @gradspotguru 44 Clicks
5 Bad Habits (And Solutions) That Destroy Your GPA! 35 Clicks
Social Media Marketing,  A Top Priority Among Higher Ed Officials 34 Clicks
5 Reasons More Sleep is Better for College Students 32 Clicks
A+ Schools For B Students – 30 Clicks
Saving For College Is Top Goal For Teens | via @AssociatedPress 29 Clicks
7 Reasons to Work Through College 29 Clicks
The Millennial Muddle: How Stereotyping Students Became an Industry 29 Clicks


18 Ways NOT to Study via @USNews 58 Clicks
College Pays Students NOT to Attend via @Chronicle 53 Clicks
Don’t Call It a Dorm, New Student Residences via @NYTimes 46 Clicks
10,000 Copies of Arizona Student Newspaper Are Stolen 39 Clicks
15+ Free Web Apps and Software Downloads for Students 24 Clicks
Our Most Popular College News Stories From the Past Week 24 Clicks
TRY IT: College Media Search Engine Indexes College Media Sites 21 Clicks
Overcrowded Campus Pays Students Not To Attend College 20 Clicks
College technology ‘catching up’ with students – Via @USATODAY 20 Clicks
Top 26 Leading Colleges in Sustainability via @greenreportcard 19 Clicks


College Media Search Engine Indexes College Media Sites 198 Clicks
Like Beer Pong? Book Of Beer Pong Giveaway 32 Clicks
5 Tips on Conquering Your College Freshman FEARS via @kelcilynn 31 Clicks
10 Tips for College Students to Deal With Parents via @USNews 30 Clicks
Journalism Grads Should Prepare for Decline In Job Market 27 Clicks
Top 10 Best College Internships via @campusgrotto 26 Clicks
University Bans Nookie If Roommate ‘Is Present’ via @BostonHerald 24 Clicks
Our Most Popular College News Stories From the Past Week 23 Clicks
University Unveils Oldest Known Proto-Human via @Chronicle 23 Clicks
Whoops! Students “Going Google” Get to Read Each Other’s Emails 22 Clicks


13 Reasons Why Students MUST Do Internships via @quintcareers 37 Clicks
College Newspapers to Support Students Coping With Illness and Death 31 Clicks
Facebook ‘Friending’ College Admissions Officers: Strategy Or Downfall? 26 Clicks
To Friend Or Not To Friend: College Admissions In The Age Of Facebook 24 Clicks
Top 10 College Majors That Lead to High Salaries via @clusterstock 23 Clicks
10 Tips For A Smooth Transition From Community College – 23 Clicks
15 Tips for Avoiding College Freshman Weight Gain – 23 Clicks
5 Tips To Become An Organized College Student via @collegelifstyl 22 Clicks
19 Budget Tips to Help Students Through College – via @shrewdcookie 19 Clicks
Which Students Will Finish College? The Signs Emerge During High School – 19 Clicks


8 Offbeat, Odd & Wacky College Majors via @collegesurfing 53 Clicks
100 Free and Essential Web Tools for the College Bound – 32 Clicks
4 Reasons to Consider Volunteering 28 Clicks
How To Score Free Meals On Campus! via @collegejolt 22 Clicks
Heavy-drinking Colleges Show No Improvements 21 Clicks
Our Most Popular College News Stories from the Week of Sept. 7th 21 Clicks
What’s In A Name? The Real Secret of College Admissions – 20 Clicks
7 Reasons Why You Should Snag a Fall Internship Now via @internqueen 19 Clicks
The future of college learning is through video games 18 Clicks
15 Secrets of Getting Good Grades in College via @USNews 17 Clicks


Top 135 Eco-Friendly Colleges via @sierra_club 41 Clicks
New Website Connects Entrepreneurial Students From Across the US 36 Clicks
Student Debt Grows Dramatically – 34 Clicks
6 Tips to Stay Safe: Smart Girl Guide to College (Sex) -via @ShelbyKnox 34 Clicks
Rating Colleges by Their Contribution to the Social Good -via @NYTimes 33 Clicks
5 Majors For The Shifting Economy via @NYTimesOnline 32 Clicks
New Admissions Criteria: The Personality SAT? via @WSJ 31 Clicks
6 New Developments in College Financial Aid – via 25 Clicks
Back to School: Top 10 iPhone Apps for Students via @mashable 24 Clicks
4 Ways to Get College Textbooks Free – via @usnews 23 Clicks


Facebook Friends Closing The Tuition Gap For College Student: 39 Clicks
Can your family be your friends? Students explain Facebook to their parents. 31 Clicks
Our 50 Most Popular College News Stories 29 Clicks
At one university: Within the first 5 days of class, 47 students had swine flu 29 Clicks
6 ways to save money on the first year of college via @wsj 24 Clicks
College students should make sure they have coverage — 22 Clicks
University Mobile Site in Just 19 days With the Open-Source platform 20 Clicks
27 Money Tips for College Student: 19 Clicks
New software centered around students 18 Clicks
4 Ways for Students to Establish Credit History via @cncollegenews 18 Clicks


Checklists for Parents of College Students 36 Clicks
7 Ways to Get on Your Professor’s Good Side From Day One 33 Clicks
50 Tips for College Freshmen 32 Clicks
7 Ways to Cut Thousands From Your College Costs: 27 Clicks
3 Things to Know About Your First Week(s) of College 27 Clicks
10 Life-Changing Things You Never Thought to Do in College 25 Clicks
Should I Join a Fraternity/Sorority? 24 Clicks
7 best off-to-college cars: 24 Clicks
Retailers Turn College Dorms into Little Bits of Home for Students: 23 Clicks
Is A Credit Card A Must For College Students? 23 Clicks


118 Ways to Save Money in College: 106 Clicks
6 Ways to Earn Cash on Campus: 86 Clicks
11 Places to Find Money for College: 56 Clicks
College student student imprisoned in Iran returns to Los Angeles 53 Clicks
4 Least Convincing Excuses for Missed Assignments 51 Clicks
2010 College Guide Reflects Changing Higher Ed Landscape: 43 Clicks
What Dorm Life is Really Like 38 Clicks
15 Secrets of Getting Good Grades in College 37 Clicks
Three UC Berkeley Graduates Detained in Iran 32 Clicks
Where Phones in Class Are OK 28 Clicks


You Don’t Talk About Journalism School Debt: 91 Clicks
9 Tips to Improve Your Chances at Job Fairs 76 Clicks
5 Tips for Organizing Your Personal Web Site (And Getting Hired) 59 Clicks
8 Tips for Studying for an Internship via @InternQueen 51 Clicks
8 Things Students Should Do After Arriving at College 41 Clicks
7 Mistakes College Student’s Parents Make 40 Clicks
Top 60 Jobs That Will Rock the Future 40 Clicks
Top 10 Dorm Room Must Haves! 36 Clicks
Scholarships for non-scholars: 35 Clicks
7 Overrated College Experiences 30 Clicks


10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media via 83 Clicks
Why You Should Live On Campus 46 Clicks
5 Must-Have Items for Going to College: 40 Clicks
15 Tips to Avoid Gaining the Freshman 15 via @collegelifeinfo 38 Clicks
4 Crazy Facts About College That Could Save You Money: 36 Clicks
15 Things to Do When You’re Alone in a Dorm 33 Clicks
Student Road Map: What to Get Accomplished in School Each Year 33 Clicks
In age of Facebook, Twitter and texting, top prospects still recruited by postage 28 Clicks
Do Division III Schools Give Athletic Scholarships? 26 Clicks
Alumni of Any Age Can Use Their College’s Career Services 26 Clicks


Top 10 Worse Reasons for Choosing a College 68 Clicks
10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts on Going to College 53 Clicks
Is Your Facebook Profile Employer Friendly? 5 Things Not to Post 49 Clicks
Top 20 Best College Dorms 46 Clicks
Recommendation Letter Breakdown 44 Clicks
Top 15 Green Colleges (via @StudentStuff) 44 Clicks
4 Reasons Why College Freshmen Should Invest in a Nalgene Water Bottle 42 Clicks
Fraternity members evicted from their house by alumni 41 Clicks
100 Money-Saving Lessons from Poor College Kids: 38 Clicks
15 Admission Things Seniors Need to Know 33 Clicks

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